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Intelligence in Telecommunications

Teleco develops special projects offering consultancy services in Market Intelligence and Business Development inside Telecommunication areas as Mobile Telephony, Broadband, Fixed Telephony and Pay TV, covering the following aspects:

  • Regulatory Scenario
  • Business Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Competition Analysis
  • Projects and Market Share
  • Technologic Trends for Networks, Terminals and Services
  • Market Survey

Trends, Analysis and Projections


Teleco monitors world trends for the Telecommunication market and makes projections necessary for your business based on the analysis of Indicators of Operational Performance.






Founded in 2002 by 5 professionals who worked, each of them, for more than 30 years in the market and inside Telecom industry de Telecom in Brazil and already accupied positions of leader as high executives inside big companies.

Teleco also relies on extremelly competent professionals and more than one hundred supporters in technical areas like projects, implementation, regulation, tax, financial and supplies, among others.

In 10 years, Teleco has already worked for more than 600 distinct clients in many areas.

Among the projects we can highlight special studies that had great repercussion in the media like Huawei Whitepaper of Broadband and Telecommunication Overview in Brazil.

Telecommunication Overview in Brazil



Telecommunication Overview in Brazil ia a project carried out through partnership between Teleco and Telebrasil. The study is published every quarter and show a detailed profile of the main telecommunication indicators inside the contry.


Huawei Whitepaper of Broadband



Huawei Whitepaper of Broadband is a project elaborated through the partnership between Teleco and Huawei. The study is published every semester and shows a detailed profile of the broadband evolution in Brazil.





Intelligence in Telecom

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Consultancy in Market Intelligence, in Mobile and Fixed Telephony, Broadband, and Pay TV.


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Data Base

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We have the most complete data base about Latin American Telecom.


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Presents, in a structured way, the main Telecom indicators in Brazil.


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Keep youself updated about the market and check the main trends for the future.


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Telecom in Companies

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We help companies to be more efficient in using Telecommunication services.


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