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Learn about the services offered by Teleco’s consultancy


Teleco is a consultancy company, founded in 2002 be the following profissionals who have more than 30 years experience in the sector:

Eduardo Tude,

Huber Bernal,

José Barbosa Mello,

José Luis De Souza and

Vergílio Antonio Martins.


Teleco provides consultancy in Telecommunication Market Intelligence, producing studies, reports, data base and workshops.

Besides the directors, who are the senior analysts if the consultancy, Teleco counts with the following analysts:


Débora Vieira

Georgea Ribeiro

Luiz Brandão

Tássio Quadros


Teleco has even a area for services (Teleco Services) and keeps the portal Teleco, the biggest portal holding Telecommunication information in Brazil counting more than 100 thousand unique visitors by month.

Teleco is stablished in the city of São José dos Campos, inside the state of São Paulo.


Intelligence in Telecom

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Consultancy in Market Intelligence, in Mobile and Fixed Telephony, Broadband, and Pay TV.


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Data Base

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We have the most complete data base about Latin American Telecom.


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Presents, in a structured way, the main Telecom indicators in Brazil.


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Keep youself updated about the market and check the main trends for the future.


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Telecom in Companies

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We help companies to be more efficient in using Telecommunication services.


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